SIZE: Shoulder height 30 cm, mass 4 kg. COLOUR: A greyish brown with underparts paler. The bushy tail, as well as the feet and legs, are black. The chin is dark brown to black, and the area around the mouth is black. The back of the ears are brown and insides are white. GESTATION PERIOD: 2 months MOST LIKE: Cape Fox, but has large ears. Dark brown to black muzzle and chin can be contrasted with reddish brown face of cape fox. HABITAT: In the open country with low rainfalls, grasslands, bushveld. It prefers dry areas.

The Bat-Eared Fox has good hearing and huge ears measuring up to 13 cm in length. It is a small harmless animal which feeds on insects, mice and wild fruit. They are partly nocturnal, and will take cover on a hot day.

The bonding of these animals is strong, and it is possible for a pair to bond for a lifetime. The offspring (usually 3 to 5 young) are born in a burrow.

They are neither true foxes nor true jackals, and have a habit of twisting and dodging when being pursued, in order to confuse and shake off their pursuer.