Spending time in the African wilds together as a family is one of the greatest bonding experiences. It has all the elements of a meaningful and inspirational holiday.

Due to the risk of malaria in the Lowveld and the sub-tropical areas in southern Africa, it is a concern traveling with young children and mothers to be. There are however some excellent malaria free alternatives that offer a great safari opportunity without any health treats to the family.

An African bush holiday is one of the greatest journeys to share with young impressionable children. Exploring and encountering the wildlife together is an important part of each person’s development and provides for a lifelong bonding experience for a family. They become aware of the environment and break away from the world of wifi and multimedia entertainment, developing their skills to observe and hone their senses.

We offer a variety of family safari options which combine various wildlife rich habitats with excellent chances to encounter the big 5, (Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard and Lion) plus the rest of the animals synonymous with Africa. Our selections of establishments are geared for family hospitality, ensuring safety with children friendly facilities and services.
Our family orientated vacations combine safaris with exploring other exciting destinations in South Africa. It is a superb self-drive country allowing total flexibility for sightseeing and traveling at your own pace. Adding a stay at one of our beach locations is a great finale to the African holiday.