The southern sub region of Africa is one of the richest places on earth. It is packed with spectacular scenery, unrivaled biodiversity, amazing year-round weather and vibrant cultural multiplicity. 14 Day / 13 Night safari combining the deserts of Namibia with the wildlife of Botswana, sights of Victoria Falls and ending with the city of Cape Town.

There is a great regional travel network with both scheduled and charter flights conveniently linking destinations. From the arid western shores to the tropical eastern coast and Indian Ocean Islands, here lies an endless world of adventure, wilderness and nature.

If time is a factor and you want to focus your holiday on a combination of top destinations which afford you a good perspective of southern Africa, we have blended journeys that take in the very best into a selection of highlight packages. These itineraries include the best wildlife location, natural spectacles like Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and the Namib Desert including visits to Cape Town.

No matter what your interest is, it is our specialty to tailor journeys in the region that fits your pace and budget. Let us inspire you!


Spend 3 nights at a lodge in the Namib Desert of Namibia.

Namib Desert:
Vast plains of sand swept silence await all who journey to the world’s oldest desert; a landscape believed to date as far back as 80 million years. It is here in the aridity of the Namib Desert where you may be privileged enough to experience the creative imagination of nature herself. Mighty ridges curvaceous rise to form some of the world’s most majestic shaped dunes and heights peaks.

Essentially a vast sea of sand, the Namib Desert embodies the isolation, solitude and tranquillity of a barren wilderness. As the African sun rises from beneath the horizon, it shades the desert in the romantic tones of a soft yellowish-gold glow, fading into orange hues before hints of pinks, purples and deep reds reveal the full extent of its mysterious splendor.

Among the striking beauty of this vast, remote and vacant desert hides some remarkable and unique sites not to be passed by.

The Namib Naukluft Park is a scenic wonderland. Although not teeming with the presence of Africa’s Big Five, it is home to the astonishing adaptability of many desert creatures.

Boasting the highest dunes in the world, Sossusvlei is a land of shifting sands and sculptural beauty. Visit Dead Vlei and walk between the ghostly appearance of dead camel thorn trees which jut out from an apocalyptic bone-dry encrusted lake, back dropped by the apricot tones of huge sand dunes.

Overnight in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg and Surrounds:
“The dynamic city of Johannesburg is Africa’s most urbanized economic jungle, flourishing with 10 million trees which give grounds to the city’s label as the world’s biggest man-made forest. Not only big on plants, but big on travel too, the city’s airport is the biggest and busiest in Africa.

Once known as the ‘Gold Capital of the World’, Johannesburg is visited by many and is still being referred to as Egoli, thriving as The Place of Gold. As the driving force behind South Africa’s growing economy, the city bursts with an ever busy atmosphere and buzzes with the fast paced lifestyles of its locals.

Filled with creativity, fashion and artistic expression; Johannesburg’s locals are all about bigger, bolder, and beautiful glitz and glamour, knowing all too well that what may be in today might not be fashionable tomorrow. Museums, theaters and galleries litter the city streets and preserve the creative and historic spirit of Africa while the booming cafe culture of the youthful adds finesse to the life of the city.

Although the northern Johannesburg areas, from Rosebank, Randburg and Melville, to Sandton and Midrand, are characterized by leafy urbanization and a sprawling economy, the southern regions of Johannesburg contrasts blatantly with the conflict of poverty.

Soweto is sea of shantytowns which played a major role in the fight for freedom during the Apartheid regime. Johannesburg is an amalgamation of historic importance, cultural vigour, stark economic contrasts and artistic expression which can be found nowhere else but in Africa.”

Spend 3 nights at a camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Okavango Delta and Moremi:
In a land where the arid sands of the Kalahari Desert stretches far and wide, and where the whirling of dust demons dance through the waves of heat, the imposing waters of the Okavango Delta takes control and swallow the barren desert, transforming it into an oasis of sky blues and emerald greens. This desert oasis is the world’s largest inland delta, and its overwhelming beauty is a site to behold. Bursting out into numerous networks of winding water labyrinths, the Okavango River feeds the deltas shimmering floodplains, pools and lagoons and nourishes the floating lilies and fringing forests.

If the Okavango Delta is visited for its striking beauty then the Moremi Wildlife Reserve is all about the game. Located within the north-western regions of the delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve is where dense populations of game come to play, especially during the dry season. Massive herds of buffalo and elephants migrate to these regions and large predators like the lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, hyena and jackal all hunt their prey in and around the reserve. The reeds, grass and palm- fringed islands are havens to more than 450 bird species, which make the Okavango Delta an astonishing paradise to all birdwatchers.

Unmistakably, the Okavango Delta is an Eden of majestic proportions that lays in the heart of Africa.

Spend 3 nights at a lodge or hotel in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls:
Deemed as a Natural World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls boasts the spectacular phenomenon of being the widest curtain of falling water on the face of our blue plant. Its sheer magnitude is mesmerizing, the sound of cascading water is captivating and the dramatic scenery it sinks into is exceptional.

Although much hype surrounds the Victoria Falls, once you experience its enchanting grandeur and natural beauty you too will agree that viewing the spectacle from the many vantage points available, is sure to far exceed the reputation of the miraculous waterfall.

Consisting of five waterfalls, namely; Main Falls, Devil’s Cataract, Horseshoe, Rainbow, and Armchair Falls, the Victoria Falls extends across a majestic width of 1708 metres and falls from a height of 108 metres.

During the dry season when the falls are not sweeping with the force of a mighty Zambezi current, you’ll get a chance to swim in Devil’s Pool; a natural rock pool at the top of the Victoria Falls and if brave, take a peek down into the gorge at the point where the Zambezi cascades from these great heights.

Keep in mind that Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s leading adventure hotspots and travellers from far and wide venture to these regions in the aim of gain bragging rights after complete some of the most death defying activities on earth. From world-class white river rafting to bungee jumping, abseiling and gorge swinging, the Victoria Falls certainly has something for everyone.

Spend 3 nights in Cape Town.

Cape Town:
Known as the Mother City, Cape Town is a unique metropolis filled with a vibrantly modern city atmosphere, surrounded by magnificently alluring beaches, and overlooked by a mystical guardian; the gigantic Table Mountain. The city is currently Africa’s most popular tourist attraction and has recently been voted as the world’s top holiday destination. So you can expect nothing less than the best; world class infrastructure and an array of exciting activities that are sure to leave you with memorable experiences.

Other remarkable treasures and renowned historical landmarks include Robben Island and the Castle of Good Hope. Entertainment and nightlife is a big part of the Cape Town experience. To get you in the mood, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is always brimming with excitement; from chic boutique stores to lavish cocktail lounges, or unwind in the classy ambience of one of many dinning venues.

Cape Town is truly a remarkable example of historical vigor and modern extravagance intertwined with breathtaking landscapes; all guarded by a diverse cultural heritage. Better yet, combine your stay with a safari and explore the African wilderness in a nearby South African national park.