9 Day / 8 Night beach and safari in South Africa.

4 nights at a beach lodge.
Maputaland and Northern Natal:
“Running along the north eastern edge of South Africa you will find a seaside vision of immaculate splendour, wrapped in the warmth and pleasures of the tropics and transitioning into subtropical delight. The soft sand of flawless and miraculous beaches are scattered along these coastal shores, and trust us, this is Maputaland without embellishment.
Maputaland stretches from the turtle nesting grounds of Kosi Bay, passing the kaleidoscopic coral reefs of Sodwana Bay, it then embraces the natural heritage of iSimangaliso Wetland Park and extends beyond the prolific plains of Richards Bay.
Besides the unmistakable natural beauty that envelopes Maputaland; the ocean, freshwater lakes, river valleys and forests lends itself to a myriad of wonderful and adventurous activities. Canoe pass river lounging crocodile, snorkel in fish infested water, dive deep and visit some of the most southern coral reefs in the world, or unwinds and cast a line whether on the fly or angling; do all this while in the warmth of the African sun.

With the charm of natural beauty, what more could you ask for? Throw in some culture and history and you’ll certainly have a complete South African experience. Northern Natal is stained with the spirit of battle which shaped a nation in days that has gone by. The culture, ancient traditions and history of the Zulu nation is kept alive by its people. Extending from Dolphins Coast to Richards Bay, and bordered inland by the northern Pongola and southern Tugela Rivers has become known as Zululand.

Visit the area and immerse yourself in one of Africa’s ancient cultures, its brutal history, the deeply spiritual traditions and age old customs of its passionate people. It is in Northern Natal where you will find the famous Battlefields. No less than six South African battles occurred within these far stretched plains, for you to rediscover.”

4 nights at a lodge in a Hluhluwe Private Game Reserve.

“World renowned for the valiant efforts of continual conservation to black and white endangered rhino, the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve is a remarkable testament of Africa’s ever increasing commitment to the preservation of wildlife. The park is a sanctuary to more than 400 black rhino and over 1600 white rhino, this being the largest population of endangered rhino species in the world.

The grasslands, forests and woodlands of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve is home to Africa’s Big Five, as well as the last remaining population of wild dogs in Africa. Nesting within the lush habitat of the reserve are more than 425 bird species, a paradise to the avid twitcher. With two predominant sections, Hluhluwe in the north and Umfolozi in the south, the protected lands of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve have been proclaimed in 1895 and is the is the oldest reserve found in Africa.
Before the proclamation of Hluhluwe-uMfolozi Game Reserve, many brutal battles were fought in northern KwaZulu-Natal, in an area now known as the Battlefields. Six famous South African battles occurred within the Battlefields between the Voortrekker and the Zulu nations, the British and the Zulu nations and the Boer and the British. The most famous of these clashes are the Battle of Isandiwana and the Rorke’s Drift battle in 1879, which was the first attempt by the British to conquer the Zulu nation.”