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In the heart of a remote mopane and acacia wilderness dominated by alluring views of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a place the Maasai call Insinya. This is a remote part of Maasai tribal land where herds of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest and zebra still migrate peacefully with little intrusion on their space. It is the Africa of long ago - wild, remote and captivating.

The emphasis in Insinya is on experiencing raw African wilderness by spending as much time as possible studying the local flora and fauna, and patiently watching from animal hides.with its many traditions and celebrations, which are an often occurrence in Maasai villages. Theirs is a tough life but one that is based on a strictly ritualised egalitarian society, where cows are coveted above all else.

Formally a hunting area, Insinya contains all the animals you would expect to find on an East African safari, but unlike other parks, there are no roads! This serves to demonstrate just how wild Insinya is.

The clearest views of Mt Kilimanjaro are usually in December to February.
Rainy Season: the long rains fall from March to June, with hot and humid short rains in November and December.
Dry Season: it is usually dry in the slightly cooler months of July to October, which is the best time to view game.


• Remote wilderness
• Maasai cultural experiences