Traversing and your Safari Experience

When deciding on your safari destination, don’t get deceived by all the glitz and glamour. The establishment’s property might not have adequate accessible area for your safari experiences.

Some Safari lodges and camps occupy relatively small territories and need to make an arrangement with the larger land owners to extend their game drives into the adjacent area. This special permission is highly monitored and strictly controlled. Traversing rights come at a high cost and are based on vehicles having access within a quota arrangement.

Most of the sorts after Wildlife locations are a consolidation of individually owned properties where animals have free reign. Another measure to safeguard the guest’s safari experience is to limit the number of outside vehicles permitted on the property at a particular time.

It is advisable to check the extent of safari area that the safari camp or lodge have at their disposal. There is nothing worse than spotting or tracking a special animal and have it disappear into the adjoining property and being told by your Guide that he cannot proceed.

Some safari providers have small properties and little or no extra traversing available. The unfortunate guests have to follow the same track over and over with the hope of encountering something and very few options to explore.

There might also be too many vehicles operating in a small area, subjecting the wildlife and environment to unacceptable levels of human pressure. Animals could become overwhelmed by all the attention and may causing them to feel trapped and anxious.

No matter how luxurious your accommodation is, you are ultimately on a safari to experience the wildlife. If you Guide and tracker cannot deliver the sightings one would expect from all the product brochures and website marketing, you may have been misled.

Big game animals like elephant, buffalo, rhino and predators need a large range. Without access to large areas, the chance of seeing these animals, particularly the big 5, wild dog, giraffe and zebra is slim. Besides the animals, exploring the greater habitat is filled with beautiful river beds, trees, rock outcrops and other interesting natural features.

To know these finer details of how to select and book your safari, we advise using the expertise of an African Travel consultant. These professionals have the entire product knowledge and also gain useful feedback from previous guests. Greenlife consultants provide informed choices of the best safari options available.