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Safari Seasons

The topic of safari travel seasons needs to be explored in great detail, because it can be a bit misleading. Certain destinations have natural phenomena at a certain time of the year which are the highlight and sole purpose for visiting the area. Our Destination pages offer guests a great resource to research and plan their safaris to Africa.

These occurrences like the great wildlife migration in the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, seasonal floods in the Okavango Delta, the Cape spring flower displays, the sardine run or the times when whales visit the African shores, draw a great deal of interest.

Popular Safari Travel seasons are also influenced by a number of factors. Besides the natural wildlife occurrences, most travelers prefer the mildest weather periods when the harsh African climate isn’t too severe.

High summer can be extremely hot and humid with periods of high rainfall, while the winter months are a contrast of icy cold periods and very dry conditions.

Certain Safari destinations close for the peak summer months due to the relentless heat and access problems resulting from the flooding at the peak of the rainy season.
Another factor over this time are the proliferation of bugs and insect increasing the risk of malaria and Dengue fever and other tropical diseases.

The most favored Safari Seasons are definitely spring and autumn in Africa, which is the total opposite of the seasons in the northern hemisphere. Temperatures are mild and there is a very small likelihood of rain. Wildlife is generally more active over these seasons.

The high or low season model is probably more attributed to the periods of demand like any other resource. Traditional holiday times are the biggest factor that boosts the Safari travel industry and as a consequence, this is regarded high and peak season when availability is limited and prices increase.

The mid or low season is not necessarily the worst time to undertake a Safari. There are a number of surprises if you do your research. For one, there is some great value and special deals available for travel at these times.
There is less human pressure on the wildlife areas, making the bush experience more intimate and personal.

Depending on your interest, certain low season periods are the best times to view birds for example. The hot, rainy conditions support the insects which attract the amazing bird life. Due to this great abundance of food, many species breed in Africa. This is a bird watchers paradise as the bushveld is filled with song and colorful courtship displays.

If you would like to travel at a particular time of the year, contact a safari consultant, who has the best knowledge of the destinations. An informed choice will greatly assist with finding the right Safari for your specific needs and interest.