What is a Safari?

Among the Swahili tribe a "Safari" described a journey to view wild animals on foot in preparation of a hunt or to check on nomadic cattle herders. The word originally came from an Arabic origin and has now become a popular terminology for nature travel in Africa and beyond.

Safari Travel

The site purpose is to share everything there is to know about safaris.

We highlight the important contribution safari dollars have for conservation, job creation, improving infrastructure in some of the impoverished communities and building the capacity for locals to become entrepreneurs, uplift the standard of living and guarantee the existence of wildlife areas as sustainable world heritage sites.

A knowledge base to prepare new safari prospects and tune into the wisdom and experience of seasoned African travelers. Comparing all the options of destinations, activities, seasons, habitats and wildlife. What safaris are offered and the quality of services, professional guides, access and budget considerations.

Health and safety considerations before a safari needs to be thoroughly researched, as good preparation will eliminate the risks and hazards of travel in Africa. Simple precautions, common sense and awareness make any journey, no matter where you travel, hassle free and personally more rewarding.

So we will do our best to keep you connected and informed in the safari world.
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Safari Russ