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Safari Activities

SAFARI ACTIVITIES There are many ways in which you can observe wildlife. The safari operators usually offer what they call game viewing activities at each destination. Activities are based on the habitat, existence of rivers, climate, wildlife and most importantly the level of experience of their guides. Get acquainted with the different habitats and animal’s behavior before you travel. If you decide to focus in a particular area or are concentrating on certain animals or birds prepare yourself well and select your destination based on the activities that suite your interest. The greatest opportunity to see lion is usually just after sunrise. Most other large animals are more visible an hour before sunset. This is general rule for most areas. In the warmer months most animals find shelter during the heat of the day. Most safari activities take place in the early morning and late afternoon which maximize the chance of encountering animals when they are the most active.

Game Drives

All game drives are undertaken in an open sided 4×4 drive vehicle with a driver / naturalist who has experience and knowledge of the area, and is thus an expert on game movement and other ecological aspects of the region. Drives usually depart in the early morning and late afternoon when it is cooler and there is a better chance of encountering wildlife.


Bird Watching

Wherever you travel, birds will be found, although some areas offer better bird watching than others. The greatest number of birds may be seen between October and March, when the central African migrants are present. Endemic species will be seen throughout the year.


Night Drives

In certain areas we are able to travel in safari vehicles after dark. This offers you an opportunity to experience some of the nocturnal mammals and birds which are only very rarely encountered during the day.


Walking Safaris

There is no finer way to enjoy the essence of the African bush like on foot. The freedom from exhaust fumes, clattering and the bumpy locomotion is beyond compare. Walking safaris inspire a degree of respect for the wild environment as you are soon to realize that you are a participant here and not a spectator.

Guided Walks and Game Trails

Wherever possible, we offer you the opportunity of exploring parts of the area on foot, in the company of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.


In some camps, boating is one of the activities we offer. We travel out into the surrounding areas by boat looking for game, birds and at the general scenery.

Canoeing or Mokoro

In many of the regions we visit, opportunities exist to explore the wildlife of the waterways.
In some instances, traveling by canoe or mokoro (dugout canoe) may be the best or only way of reaching certain locations. *(Mokoro=single, mekoro=plural)

Wildlife Hides

Some camps have ‘hides’ where guests can leave their vehicles and watch wildlife peacefully, from the safety of the hide.Patience is the key to profitable game viewing.

Self-guided Safaris

If you are going to explore the wilds on your own, you must be well prepared and adequately equipped. The outer reaches of southern Africa are remote and vast. The roads are long, lonely and often rough, signposts are almost nonexistent and facilities for travelers are rudimentary and unreliable.

Other Safari Activities

May include; horse-back and elephant-back safaris, ballooning, quad bike drives, mountain biking, scenic flights, game capture, assistance with field research, anti-poaching exercises….. the options are endless.