Southern Africa has some of the most pristine coastlines in the world. Besides the miles of unpolluted beaches, our oceans team with fish, whales and other sealife. The east coast of South Africa and Mozambique provide for some of the finest scuba diving opportunities.

We have a selection of travel experiences that offer both a sea safari and land safari into one journey.

You could be encountering a giant whale shark or swimming with dolphins in the morning and enjoying sundowners at a water hole with a herd of elephants all in one day.

Besides the sensational shark diving opportunities including cage diving with great whites, there is the annual sardine run between the Wild Coast and Durban which is regarded as one of the greatest underwater encounters.

Our oceans are alive and Scuba diving here is a most rewarding encounter to add to your travels while exploring the African safari locations and seeing some of the most wonderful terrestrial animals on earth.