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Land of Space and breathtaking wilderness. This is a place to explore space. Rugged beauty, desert landscape and fascinating adapted wildlife.

A place of vastness with haunting beauty, Namibia captivates you in a land that has to be one of the greatest wilderness areas left on earth. Travel in Namibia involves great distances and the most efficient way of getting around is by charter aircraft. This not only reduces the time on the long dusty roads but also offers low altitude aerial perspectives of the magnificent arid terrain.

Our recommendations begin with a visit to the oldest desert on earth. Sossusvlei in the Namib has dramatic red dunes that rise above the remnants of a network of old salt lakes. Take the opportunity to climb the towering sand dunes, a photographer’s paradise and experience the stars and the night sky like nowhere else.

The coastal village of Swakopmund washed by the cold Atlantic Ocean is a remnant of the former Germany colony. Here you still taste traditional German fare and explore the many adventure opportunities including skydiving, sea-safaris, camelback rides, etc.

Journeying to the expansive but magnificent Damaraland landscape with its fascinating geological formations is something to experience. Desert adapted animals have found mechanism of survival.

Giraffe, elephant, rhino and other animals thrive in this dry landscape.

Etosha is a unique wildlife encounter, due to the most impressive congregations of animals as they quench their thirst at the edge of an immense pan. Time stands still here and our own worlds seem so far away. This is a place to free the mind and nourish the soul with pure nature and wilderness.

Once you have experienced Namibia, you will never be the same!